Post Processing not Showing in WebGL Builds?

Problem: You put effort into making your game look like a Michael Bay movie but when you play it in your WebGL build the effects are falling flat.

Reason: Unity’s Render Pipelines have different profiles for High, Medium and Low settings depending on how they are getting deployed. Unity’s Editor defaults to the High settings profile. (This can be changed in the Project Settings>Quality under Rendering.)

Solution: Most of the Post Processing adjustments (such as Bloom) use the HDR color settings. This is set in the High Quality profile, and needs to be set in the Medium and Low Quality profiles if you wish for them to shine through.

You can match all the Profile settings to High Quality but it is advised that you change only what is needed to get your Post Processing to work as there is no reason to over tax WebGL on someone else’s computer if you can help it.



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