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In our previous article, we setup our card and window box. Now we are going to dive into the code needed to give our card life and depth.

For the basic functionality we are looking for, these few lines are all that we need. References to the Card and Window…

Setting up the Card

So, in the last article we used Render Textures to create a second view point for our player to see while traversing the game. This could have been a Camera Monitor, Drone or HUD Display. In this article we will setup a card for the window box effect. …

Mirrors, Security Monitors and Secondary POV Cameras all share on useful feature that can be found in Unity, Render Textures. Today we are going to look at how to setup and us them in your game. …

Anyone that has played a modern video slot machine, or even a slot machine mobile app, has probably noticed a game mechanic that the classic (read physical) slot machines are simply incapable of. That is, of course, the bonus round or bonus game.

This mechanic offers the player a chance…

GIF illustrating the Manhattan Distance probelm

While reviewing with a student, we came across a challenge problem that had them stumped.

Maze being generated using a Recursive Back Tracking Algorithm

So, we have a grid of cells and just have to ‘dig’ out the maze. First, let’s get a solid grasp on what the algorithm is doing.

As you can see above, the ‘head’ of the Algorithm moves one step forward in a random direction. It continues to move forward…

3D Hedge maze being generated from a grid of cubes and walls.

After a brief break I am back and decided to warm up with a bit of Maze Generation.

The maze in the GIF is being generated using a Recursive Backtracking Algorithm, also know as Flood Fill or Depth First Search. And will be the method we explore the coding of.

Demonstrating the Lighting Changes on a Dynamic Object from Static Emission Objects

Previously, We talked about how we can light a scene with static baked Emissive GameObjects.

But having a moving object in a scene means that we will want to see some form of effect from the emitted light. Otherwise, the scene will not feel ‘real’.

In the sample, we have…

Demonstrating the effect of two Emission sourses of differing colors

Now that we are working in 3D, We need to look at lighting our scenes effectively and efficiently. Many objects in a typical scene can be sources of light without being a light themselves, such as cell phones, monitors, or even track lighting. Typically, such items don’t produce the majority…

Following some of the work we have done in the Galaxy Shooter that we just completed, we are going to look at some concepts of Unity 3D work space.

Today, we are going to look at creating glass in a 3D environment. As you can see from the Gif to…

Thomas Kesler

A Unity Developer with a fondness for Fantasy games and the challenge of pushing boundaries.

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