Thomas Kesler

The Infinite Runner is one of the staple game types in the mobile gaming genre of Hyper Casual. And with an understanding of 3 fairly simple steps, you can make your entry into the genre.

Here you can see the basic elements of an Infinite Runner using Unity Primitives. In…

Took some time today to brush off some coding dust and decided to build a quick Mine Sweeper clone. Let’s see if I can walk you through the process I used in Unity3D.

Let’s start with the cells, which are basic Cubes with a Collider, a Text Element (Text Mesh…

Anyone that has played a modern video slot machine, or even a slot machine mobile app, has probably noticed a game mechanic that the classic (read physical) slot machines are simply incapable of. That is, of course, the bonus round or bonus game.

This mechanic offers the player a chance…

Thomas Kesler

A Unity Developer with a fondness for Fantasy games and the challenge of pushing boundaries.

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